Oh, ho’oponopono… It took years…



I began using Ho’oponopono sometimes in 2012..

At first, it was even hard to her to a regular “attendee” Ho’oponopono event.

Then, you had to practice for a year to attend the next level…

Getting certified was very costly, required you to travel to certain places and it was simply very inconvenient.

But! I never gave up!

I practiced Ho’oponopono for years, nearly every day.

Besides that, I took things even further – I began a very serious research on other ancient prayers used by Kahunas. Every literature I could find – I was getting it.

Things got even more intense. I remember one night, when I was very clear, God gave me a special prayer to help people. This prayer is not included in my book called “A Prayer That Always Works” because it is a special prayer that only I can use to help people.

Besides that, I was also “issues” very special techniques of problem corrections from the Universe that I use for myself and others.

Techniques for healing, love, money, sex, relationship restoration, custom situations, protections evil removal – you name it all!

Ho’oponopono became my way of life. And let me tell you – it really restored my life! It can restore your life!

I put absolutely everything you need to use Ho’oponopono in my book called “A Prayer That Always Works”. You do not need my personal techniques. Eventually, you will get your own, even more advanced techniques because they are very individual. What works for me that was personally given from Universe may not work for you – and vise versa.

But don’t worry. A Prayer That Always Works is beyond loaded with information and prayer to bust the most stubborn life situations, blocks, curses, negative Karma, fix relationship problems and attract wealth. Plus, it truly has so much more! Need excellent well-being and great health? You’ve got it!

Also, I am a type of person who does not write and sell B.S. If I give you my word – I keep it! This is how my parents raised me from early childhood and I am proud of it.

I know that there are many people who just want to sell you stuff. Be assured – that’s not me. I love sales and selling! But I sell SUPREME QUALITY that is PROVEN to help people! Otherwise, I will not sell it.

Ho’oponopono is a true system that works. Even the harshest skeptics cannot beat the proof.

I had medical doctors scratch their heads, saying “there must be something wrong with equipment” and similar statements several times.

I corrected problems that seemed impossible with Ho’oponopono and it’s prayers.

And here is my certificate:

A Prayer That Always Works Ho'oponopono Certificate

Meet Yevgeniy Grytsenko – Certified Advanced Ho’oponopono Practitioner, teacher, author, metaphysician, energy worker, Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Master, energy problem corrector, gifted Karma corrector and God-gifted intuitive problem solver who helps you bust even the most stubborn blocks in love, money, sex, protection, general life problems and all other means! Yevgeniy wrote a Second Edition of A Prayer That Always Works after discovering the true power of the ancient prayer that – always works!

And here is a cover of the book that I wrote called “A Prayer That Always Works – Second Edition”.

A Prayer That Always Works

A Prayer That Always Works – 2-ND Edition


LOOK! Don’t hesitate! Try it now!

ALWAYS REMEMBER: If you have a problem, always come to me! Why? Because I already solved thousands of problems, a lot of them were “impossible to solve” – so I have experience!

If you get lost in a jungle, would you want a map or a guide?

I bet you want an experienced guide.

Let me be your guide and that way, not only your problems will get solved much faster, but you will also save a lot of money, energy and your very valuable nerves!

Avoid stress, anxiety, doubts, fears and worries!

Become a part of a Ho’oponopono and watch magic and miracles happening to you daily!

I keep my word and I guarantee what I say!

Sincerely Yours,

Yevgeniy Grytsenko (Master PlutoCraft).